Your comfort zone now comes with a soundtrack.


“The real challenge for the designer and our test lab is to fully integrate it with the design and functionality of the chair. With MyPlace, we believe we have succeeded.”


Upholstery Leather or fabric.

Foot Swivel chair with return memory in molded aluminum, white coated molded aluminum, black coated molded aluminum, swivel Quattro aluminum or wood/ molded aluminum. The wood options are in oak (lacquered), oak (untreated), oak (black stain lacquered) or walnut (lacquered). The chair is possible to get in an extra high seat version (+3,5 cm). Footstool in the same options with fixed X-foot.

Function Swivel chair with Syncro Backup gives you an ergonomically correct rest in all positions, thanks to three cooperating parts: the lower part of the back, the upper part of the back, and the head rest.

Sound The Bluetooth connected speakers, unique to Conform, create an audio experience on the highest level. The design and shape of the headrest does not only steer the sound to your ears, but also effectively isolates it from the surroundings. A couple of meters away, the sound can hardly be noticed.