When we’ve
finished our work,
you’re the one who
gets to relax.

Every piece of furniture from Conform is designed
to be the most comfortable spot in your home. The more
work we put into it, the more you will enjoy it.


The story began forty years ago.

Then it was 1978, and we were making armchairs in Holsbybrunn, Småland.

Now it’s 2018, and we are making armchairs in Holsbybrunn, Småland.

At first glance there is no difference – but take a closer look, and you will find a remarkable development when it comes to materials, design and manufacturing processes.

Sure, we could broaden our product portfolio quite easily – but we are perfectly happy with making armchairs
and footstools. To us, specialization is valuable. It means the things you make are special.

home, your


For every piece of furniture there is a context to fit into. It needs to find its place in time and space, in a timeless or contemporary home.


We have a long-standing collaboration with several Scandinavian designers – Jan, Niels, Jahn, Lenka, and Fredrik. Together, we create furniture that is surprising and pleasing, inviting and impressive.

The final design touch is yours to make, by choosing and combining sheepskins, leathers, fabrics and surfaces. Perhaps your armchair should match the rest of your home perfectly – or maybe you wish to have a piece of furniture that no one else has?


the sitting


Seeing and sitting are the first two words in the Conform dictionary. Each one of our armchairs should look so inviting that you just have to try it. And once you’ve sat down, you should never want to get back up again.

Design, ergonomics and finish are closely linked – well, actually crucial for each other – when we develop new products.


Straight lines and at surfaces are the simplest way to make furniture. Especially if you only use rectangular blocks, which are so easy to upholster and assemble.

That’s not the Conform way. All our armchairs have arched surfaces and moving lines with a natural direction, as


well as built-in technology to support your body in every position.

Understanding how a user’s lower back changes and how a body’s center of gravity shifts is essential in our product development. We call it the sitting curve, and we’ve been following it for decades. It has pushed our furniture to the international front lines of comfort.

When making an organically shaped armchair, with movable parts, you need the sensibility of an experienced craftsman. The upholstery must be stretched just right to avoid wrinkles and gaps, surfaces must meet each other with exact precision.

Because of that, manufacturing at Conform will never be fully automated. It takes human hands and eyes to furbish, upholster and assemble – people who recognize good craftsmanship. Just like you will.








A few

… leather.
We work primarily with three different grades of leather: standard, semi-aniline, and aniline leather. Their qualities differ – just like the preferences, taste and needs of our users.

Our standard leather is a corrected, cover-dyed and grained leather, where most of the natural irregularities are removed. It is very resistant to stains and dirt, and easy to keep clean.

Semi-aniline leather is soft and dyed with a light, slightly coloured coating. Some natural irregularities and marks may be present. It breathes well and offers good comfort.


testing for a
comfortable life.

Once an armchair is ready for manufacture, it has not only reached the design and technical perfection we strive for. It has also survived a stay in our torture chamber – sorry, our test lab.

In addition to good old durability tests with mechanical pressure against back, seat and foot, we’ve also set up our own devices in order to attack the armchair from every angle. The armrests are exposed to a 60 kilo pressure, roughly 20.000 times. We then drop a bag of 120 kilos on the seat and test the folding mechanism in the backrest with a strong wire, pulling it backwards with a pressure of 40 kilos – about 100.000 times.

Every now and then we also pick an unsuspecting chair of the current assembly line to ensure that its quality does not drop with time.

A relaxing chair must be able to put up with some stress – actually, a lot of it – especially if it’s from Conform.

 Aniline leather is our finest and most natural-looking leather. It has a light coating and is coloured only with dye. This very smooth leather gets beautifully patinated with age when properly treated. It requires some extra care since the surface is bare, but it gives your furniture a unique character with its natural hues
and marks.

… sheepskin.
Our sheepskins come from some of the most respected sheep farmers in Australia. The skins are from Crossbred sheep only, guaranteeing a high quality. They are


naturally curly, and can vary in terms of curl and shade.

… colour samples.
Keep in mind that two different pieces of leather will not and should not look identical. Our samples are therefore only an indication. The skins and leathers are prepared and dyed according to high standards of environmental and animal care.